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{September 24, 2007}   Gods and Monsters

It’s been a long time since I thought of you; your lean, wiry frame, your ready smile, your nimble thrusts. That body which seemed to defy gravity when it fucked me.

Long, flexible abdominal muscles, quivering. Your diaphragm rising sharply and falling with a low moaning imploration to the gods. Each well-defined muscle cast into sharp relief by flickering candlelight.

Your own physical confidence and aptitudes mirrored by my straining muscles. My knees drawn up, pressing the small of my back into the firm, cool hardwood. The tops of my thighs push against your back and your tight, round ass, forcing your pelvis towards me as my head hovers in the air.

I’ve raised my head to take your cock further and further into my mouth, to extend my tongue along the underside as I cup your balls in my hand. The angle of my throat allows for your thrusts as you surrender control to the deeper drives.

I want to finish you there in my mouth, to taste your semen, drink your orgasm and suck you dry, but my pussy burns with an agonizing emptiness. Unfolding my body, I push your hips firmly down my body, trailing your cock between my breasts and over my trembling abdomen.

When you push inside me, lights explode behind my eyes and I strain for every inch of your engorgement. I am only vaguely aware of your arms around me, your hands hooking onto the tops of my shoulders for leverage.

I become aware of the sounds of our lust, short moans and hoarse pants which wind together, a harmony of desire.

It’s been a while since I thought of you like that, naked and glistening, your lips swollen and your eyes burning. A memory of casual fun and heated embraces. There’s a lot to miss, but the memories sustain.


great, so sensual, you could almost feel it.

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